What Does Jarvee Aborted Mean?

I have a ton of stats on the aborted column of my follow section. What does this mean exactly and how can I fix this if it’s an issue?


Can you explain exactly how I do that? I can’t find anywhere to type that on the statistics tab. Is on this page or another?


Go to dashboard -> summary -> filter (at the bottom) :slight_smile:


Got it!

Tried adjusting my filters a bit and will see what happens

Atm I have it set as…

  • Skip Non English
  • User Has Profile Image
  • Invalid Word List
  • User follow / follower range | 20 - 2000 (Just changed from 1500)
  • No Private
  • No Business
  • No more than 4 numbers in name

Do these seem ok?

This looks pretty standard, so it’s should be ok :wink:

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I’d check your invalid word list in case it still jams up! Looks pretty normal to me otherwise

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