What does mean 1hour shoutout?

kinda noob over here but thats why im here for :slight_smile:
so i went to shoutcart (not my website) and the sellers offer 1hour 2 hour 24hour shoutouts
what does it mean 1 hour shout out? Permanent shoutout i quess would be a post?
thx for your wisdom

You only get a shoutout for 1 hour.

After 1 hour he removes your post. :slight_smile:


i see so its a post huh ok thx for your wisdom i thought it may be something else, story etc i dont know
thx to make it clear for me

No prob. On shoutcart if you donโ€™t see โ€œ+bio linkโ€: Then Itโ€™s only a post.