What does this MPSocial Icon mean?

Hey everyone its Newbie BrandonBerner here

I have seen this icon a few times, but I have no clue what it means?


Poke the bear? lol

Where do you see all of these?


I see them in my notification list.

hovering it says “invited to topic” …not sure how exactly as I haven’t noticed it either until you mentioned it :smiley:

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Hahaha. Well I have been ignoring most topcs I get invited to since I had no clue what that meant haha. I should have hovered over it :smiley:

Well how on earth do you invite someone to a topic!?
I cant even see that feature.

It must be some lvl 4 “Instagram Master” type of feature :slight_smile:

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If you got to your Notifications page there is a whole thing about Invites.

@Exod was the one who “invited me”.

How did you do it @exod? haha

It means trigger? Pull the trigger? Or to say something that makes someone triggered?