(?) What Does YOUR starting 'pool' of content look like? Pictures and Stuff

Hey Gang,

I’m in the process of trying to get my workflow regarding content (especially starting content) for my Instagram accounts as tight and efficient as possible. This is a personal decision of course, there really is no ‘right or wrong’. :slight_smile: But I’m very interested in seeing how others approach this.

I’m the kinda guy who likes to make my images look as nice, consistent and close to triggering my target demo as possible. I take my time with the initial “pool” of pictures. Sometimes I think I’m just making more work for myself. And I’m not even talking about my filing system! (or lack there of):dizzy_face:

So the way I’ve been doing it has been sourcing (Scrapebox, 4k Stogram, a few dedicated image scrapers) various social networks and Pinterest. Going through everything and choosing what I know will work. Bulk strip meta/hash etc. Batch resize in PS. Usually around 300 images to start for a main.

Now I’ve got 20 more IGs cooking that I want to use a few as “satellite” accounts to feed the main. Here is where I’m a little “eh I should try something else”.

I’ll grab another 300-500 images and because I’m pretty cautious and wear a tin-foil hat Ill go through that whole process, then do a batch strip/rename (sometimes pre-filter) for EACH account. I don’t wanna put myself in a position where I’m drawing from the same ‘pool’ for all those satellites and trip a filter . Even though MP does the changes on the image I’m still a little y’know…cautious.

So what do you do? Any input, advice, thoughts would be appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing your approach. :+1:


Wow, you have a complex process there. It might take a while but you’re covered from most things so that’s good.

I am not using many accounts to promote stuff, mostly for testing purposes in regards to Mass Planner so my reply might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but here it goes:

I mostly get 5-10 good/niched pinterest accounts and get the rss feed, do the same with tumblr and use the unique images module and that’s it. I’ve never had any problems with duplicate images or content. The unique images module really makes them unique so until they get better detection you can use it with no worries, even the same image on multiple accounts, especially if they are posted at different times/days sould be ok. Do a test with a couple of accounts and see how this works for you.

PS. I’ve had test accounts that did only re-posts on IG from other accounts on ig with the unique module enabled , they did 20-40 re-posts per day with no link towards the original …just to see if anyone would notice. They were completely fine after 1 month of daily posting like this.


Grabbing pinterest and tumblr RSS feed is quite great, i ve been thinking of doing that.

One question…How about resizing pictures to IG 500 x 500 max pic size, wouldn’t the pictures look out of order?


It doesn’t necessarily resize them, i think you can post any sizes now…

TOTALLY agree with you when it comes to photos looking good on Instagram - after all it is mainly a photo sharing site!

I’ve only just started playing around with planning content for Instagram.

I am really interested to hear how you use Scrapebox. I purchased that about 6 months ago and I’ve never used it!

is there any video to grab pinterest and tumblr RSS feed or so how to set it up with MP? thanks guys great thread…

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Would be testing that, I didn’t know that

Checkout massplanner knowledge base

Go to pinterest and find any board you like in your niche. In the address bar add “.rss” to that url and the feed for that pinterest board will show up, take that and add it to a campaign as a rss feed.

For tumblr go to any tumblr blog that you like. In the address bar add “/rss” to that url and you’ll get the feed for that blog. Take it and do the same as above to add it to MP as an rss source.


Thanks @Johnny! :slight_smile: Appreciate it!

@Johnny, got it ! had managed to find a link on youtube as well… im now running it. shall see if there are any issues.

Thanks for the thoughts, I just started a new account from my phone today, which is the third total… going to have to do something similar to grow it.

I have access to 10 iphones my team uses for my other company. I manually created for each phone 1 twitter, 1fb, 1ig acct. Since my niche is localized and gets better response by appearing more personal, I chose to use my own photos for these 10 online personalities. Because one day I’ll have to appear in person. But I must make the photos unique so I take various photos from my main FB account I’ve had for about 8 years and am manually changing them (crop, resize, darken, rotate 4 degrees, blur or sharpen). That’s just for my profile photo and additional photos of me doing things.


To build content I start with IG. I find something thats relevant to my starting audience then repost it on IG and automatically share the content on FB on the same phone. Since the IG to Twitter automatic share is broken for iphone, I manually upload the photo or manually tweet. I do this for 10 phones currently and will continue for 30 days THEN migrate the 10twitter, 10fb, and 10IG accounts to MP using proxies. My niche is localized, so I have each phone dedicated to covering a city.


  1. Adding followers is the easiest on IG. I just simply follow a local church and follow that church’s followers about 20/day for each of the 10 phones.
  2. Next I move to FB, it’s a little more difficult because I want local followers. I make sure I have a few pieces of content on FB before I begin. First I find fan pages to get a few friends. Local friends. (It may be a church’s fan page, a local sports team, a community center. Even a councilman, or mayor). Something that has a real strong local presence. This is difficult because FB makes it hard to add friends when you have none. After I get that first local friend it gets easier. I request that person’s friends. (most ppl will add you if you have a mutual friend) Since I only want local friends I manually check my lone friend’s friends to see if they’re local too. I spend quite a bit of time making sure they’re local because once I really get rolling on MP I can be sure I’m mass-friending local people too. As more friends accept my request it gets easier. After a few days I only add friends that have atleast 4 mutual friends. This has really made my friend count on FB rise quickly (the more mutual friends the better). I get quite a few “do I know you” instant messages on messenger so I give a personal reply, let them know i’m from the city, etc to smooth the path. Once I get a certain amount of friends… around 10, I attempt to join groups. Local groups. Sometimes I’ll have to reply personally for group admins to vet me but that’s not a big deal.
  3. Last is twitter. I find it more difficult to build followings via twitter than the other two so I save this one for last.


Since I have 10 online personalities to manage on these 10 phones I alternate working 5 every other day. So I spend a good amount of time doing manual stuff. Personal replies to the “do I know you” questions, manually commenting on posts, manually liking posts, manually sharing on IG and auto-sharing to FB, manually tweeting/retweeting. I figure by the end of 30 days (i’m on day 5) my account will be solid enough to keep from being banned/blocked when I transition all of them to MP using proxies.

Please tell me what you think about my method and if there’s anything I could do to be more efficient or am I being too careful or not careful enough, etc. Thanks for reading!


My initial thoughts on this strategy is to transfer these accounts to MP incrementally, in order to avoid getting all of them banned at the same time. So maybe after 30 days you transfer 2 accounts from each platform and wait a week to see the results.

Generally, you want to increase your activity levels gradually. It looks like you’re doing a lot of manual actions for now. So if you transfer it to MP and start following, liking and sharing/retweeting a bunch of posts, the sudden spike in activity will probably lead to resets.

Also, keep in mind that you’re operating on new accounts so you need to be more careful. Accounts under 3-6 months are way more prone to PVA. So increase activity gradually.

For IG make sure you’re not pointing to the same URL in the bio, that will lead to bans 100%

I’d be interested in seeing how this works out for you. DM me if you want to run some ideas.


Hey Thanks Art for the feedback. Actually phone validation is no issue because I have access to all these phones. I like the idea of rolling out the account move to MP 2 at a time. That’s a good way to test if the proxies are good. I’d hate to lose all of my accts at once.