What exactly do you charge for?

What exact services do you provide? What tasks are covered in your package?

I’m not sure what are you referring to, can you give us more details.

I do not own an agency, but people usually sell IG growth service through methods like Mother/slave method, Follow/unfollow method, ig story viewer tool, etc. It depends on what your clients need. Some people charge monthly rate for managing clients’ accounts which include all actions that the client wants, some charge based on the number of followers the client’s account gets per month.

What is the end result that you charge for?

For example, I will grow your account from x followers to y followers in z time.
or I will give you x leads in y days
or I will increase your engagement to x in y days etc

Or you charge for single actions?
For example, hashtag research for x posts, follow unfollow for a month, posting and scheduling, graphic designing for x posts per month etc

That is a really bad approach if you do want to do meaningful long term business with other people. They want to achieve a goal, and you want to know what that goal is, to help them achieve it.


I didn’t understand.
Would you please try explaining again?

Having n amounts of followers itself is not a goal that will yield anything (except if you are an account seller maybe), so it is better if you trying to figure out what your possible clients want to achieve, rather what they think they need.


I think what Henry said make more sense than trying to promote your services with accounts numbers stuff (likes, comments, followers…etc) better try to understand why the client want a big account or high engagement what he is trying to achieve with that then you can help him effectively.


Increasing followers was just an example

Henry’s point still stands.

He gave you the answer that will yield you the best results.

Ask the potential client what they are looking for & sell them on how your service helps their cause.

The sell is what you are charging for through your process.

You don’t need to say all the details, or else you do yourself a disservice once expectations are not met.

But given your question… it seems you are only interested in offering an instagram service versus actually building one; So you are helping no one without further details, least of all yourself.

You charge for what you have to offer.
If you have nothing to offer, that will be telling.
If you have something to offer, then it only requires a little tailored communicating to fit that to a client’s needs.

Also, Stay away from offering “X results” if you want to last entering this game. At least until you have results to show for it.


That’s exactly what I am looking for. What is that

that you have to offer?