What happen in my personal account

Hello every body !

Has it occurred? My account does not have a business account, but instagram disabled my account and requested a paper page.


It looks like you sent a document that isn’t one of the types of business documents we accept to help verify ownership of an account. We can’t give you access to the account or take any further action until we receive acceptable documentation.

Protecting the privacy of the people who use Instagram is very important to us. This is why we ask you to verify your association with this business with one of these documents:

  • Local business license (issued by your city, county, state, etc.)
  • Tax filing
  • Certificate of Formation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Utility bill

Reply to this email and attach one of the documents listed above. Once we receive one of these documents, we’ll review the status of your account.

How to fix it and what happen with my account ?
Thank you everu body

How did you reached out to IG? It seems you have filled a form thats related to business accounts.

No, i don’t filled a form business but they semt for me form of bussiness accounts. I continue to resist but still get the form for the business account

Check the email again and make sure it’s not a scam…
Fishing for business data maybe. Just post the email address here to make sure :blush:

they sent you this email even you didnt fill some form?

It seems that individual accounts with links will be deleted.

i really dont understand what you are saying…somebody else?

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You’re better off sharing a screenshot of this email, but blur out your personal information. Nothing you’ve said makes any sense in english.

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