What happening to IG account if you dont upload in awhile?

i didnt upload for like few months now, i did upload today, and seems like my engagement is low now, what can i do?
thx for your wisdom

It goes to Instagram heaven?


really? how can i bring it back from instagram heaven??

Just like how you grew the account in the first place.

Post regularly, with good quality content.

Engage with followers.

I would go through your list of followers and like and comment on 1-2 posts they have.

Do this until you have gone through all of your followers.

You will never fully recover the account, you will just need to treat it like a new account and take it from there.


thx for your help

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It happened to me aswell… I need a month or so to get back to my level of engagement. Just put in some effort and you will not have problems with it. But dont expect it to be back right away.

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thx for your comment