What happens to FB account where you dont submit selfie verification?

I have an account that was locked for the stupid photo verification. I decided to log out and accept the account as lost but about a month and a bit later I needed to retrieve something from the account so I figured I would just submit a selfie. When I tried to log in to submit the selfie it said “your account has been disabled”. Do accounts get disabled even if you dont submit the selfie?!

Yes…roughly 30 days and then they delete them.

How do you know though? Is it just some or all they delete after 30 days??

I have had a lot that get deleted after 30 days. Some have been where I have not had the phone number to reverify. Some have been where I havent got an ID to upload. Its been like this for a long time (years) If its not verified it will be gone.

Thanks for that! Is it the same with photo verification?