What IG Account Is BEST For Mother/Child Method?

For the Mother/Child method of DMing+Following random IG accounts at scale…

What type of “Child” account should I use that will prevent me from getting restricted when sending out DMs & Follows?

For example - Do they have to be made in 2020, have content already, have real followers, etc

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Any account which has a good trust score. You can use almost any account for this. Either you build up the trust doing proper warmup or you buy aged accounts which have been doing actions for a long time.

Also you should have access to email / phone number attached to keep the account alive as long as possible.

Thanks. How do I tell if the account has been doing actions for a while? I’m guessing via seeing it has lots of real followers/following. Also, how aged should they be? (eg. 2019)

Actually you can’t really tell. The seller would need to prove it by showing you action logs but to be honest, nobody does that so it’s based on trust. You can tell if it was doing actions when you can do a relatively high amount of actions after you log in and when you don’t get captchas / EV / PV a lot.

I’d say the older the better.

Ah, seems a bit risky. As i could buy the account and do the high amount of actions only to get banned. Jarvee seems to provide phone verification, so I guess I don’t need PVA IGs. Just aged accounts from 2 years ago preferred with followers.

Thats why I’d always start with low actions not matter how the account is declared.
You always want email verified accounts with mail access actually because it lets you verify just in case. Phone verified accounts are pretty much lost if you get a PV before you can delete the number from the profile.