What IG bot to start with?


level 1. That’s the reason
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Thanks for clearing that up… luckily already have virtualbox with windows 10 setup on my mac… guess i will go with that option until i get the hang of it and move to proxies on aws and if needed more then these 5 accs i got… love learning something new everyday :slight_smile:


This whole thread should be level 2.


Well why didn’t you say so? Yes, that would be ideal. That way it’s the same everything. You can even import cookies from your browser into JARVEE so that it’s more natural.


Thats great tip. Only IG cookies you mean?

btw wouldnt IG figure out and get suspicious if we are connecting from VM box instead of “real machine”?


Jarvee all the way.


No. They won’t know the difference.


There’s another great option about you can find out more here: https://medium.com/@paulinecengram162/so-long-infinicore-but-what-now-7abf430bc895


Fuelgram is not an automation software, how does this relate to the topic? It can’t replace Jarvee in any way.

It’s funny how FG people are using Infinicore’s problems to acquire new customers. I can see WHY you’re doing this but I don’t understand the blunt approach. I’ve never used Infinicore, don’t get me wrong, it’s just ridiculous to see someone from Fuelgram literally in every corner where Infinicore is discussed. I read a couple more forums similar to MPSocial and I see this very same approach everywhere which it’s really annoying.

If you’re trying to suggest Fuelgram as an alternative to Jarvee that’s some weird next level stuff.


Notice they took down one and not the other. See go after the ones that do the most and later for the scraps. I don’t understand what part of fuelgram is pure crap others don’t understand.