What IG bot to start with?

Have a fresh IG profile to grow whitehat and bought other aged one so would test 2 bots to begin with.
Will follow like comment and DM new followers and micro influencers with whitehat link.

Here are the tools plan for testing

  • jarvee
  • bigbangram
  • gramdominator
  • instazood
  • instagrambot free github
  • grammultitool
  • viralsoda

Please share your experience.
What bots to begin with?
Do you know others that are good?

just start wjth jarvee. i tested them all, nothing compared with jarvee!


I agree - Jarvee is your best bet :slight_smile:


Jarvee i see have best reviews… but it works only on windows… i have MACos… so need to take few days and setup virtual machine…
but isnt that risky since IG could recognize if we are using VM?

Any bot options for mac?

you can use a free amazon aws to try it. More thrlen enough for aone accounts and jarvee.

Really, dont waste your time with other bots;) and no, i dont have any jarvee shares…

Jarvee is my favorite too.

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You can also use it on Mac

All of them will do what you want – at a price of lack of support/features.

Those must be accounted for. They all provide the basics
follow/unfollow/like/comment etc – and all are 1-2 man shops doing everything.

Every single one does not even compare with jarvee for features. they don’t even come close.
Support? They are a joke compared to a team for support for Jarvee. Nuff said –
I had most of them, Once I started using Jarvee – I dumped them, that simple


will definetly go jarvee but as need to setup that amazon aws will take few days and need to start with something now… today i found aigrowme for mac… anyone tried that one or should i avoid?

Get one, anyone – when you use it for a short time – you will see the piss poor features of it and get jarvee. that way you have a feel of what automation is and how damn powerful Jarvee is and why others use it


I would test them all and see what you like but IMO Jarvee is the best

how many people you want to say that all other is bullshit and trash? 4 more? 9 more?

bullshit. wil take some hourse to setup all.

But if you need to start now, just go for the tool you mentioned. get bs followers that dont engage :wink:



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haha… guess its time to roll up the sleeves and make this work with J today… thanks :smiley:

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Thats the spirit!!!

Any questions about it, just ask!

Good luck!


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I’m pretty sure you could use virtual box on your Mac and JARVEE would work just fine that way.

phew… managed to setup amazon aws… it took some 6 hours since it got bit complicated with amazon verification… and back and forth phone calls… but all solved successfully …

now im confused about aws IP… while using aws it shows US ipv4 and ISP amazon… not my country… and if i go to connect my accounts to jarvee… they where so far only logged on mobile and desktop from my country with no vpn/proxy… wouldnt that trigger suspicion on IG side and get them to ban me?

yep Jarvee is best way to go. I wish they had an official forum.

They won’t ban you, but you might have to verify them. And if using them without a proxy you are limited to the number of accounts. Most amazon IP’s are like or follow blocked. Get a quality mobile or residential proxy, or setup a Pi to use your home IP.

You can also use virtual box to setup JARVEE on your Mac so you’ll use the same IP as you did before.

@kultronik, if you need help setting up JARVEE with virtual box on MAC, send me a PM.


As you already know based on the previustly replis Jarvee is the most popular automation software, and for a good reason.
The only alternative when i see topic like this is GMT2, which is a step behind but has a great price with no limitation, while jarvee has limited account.
If you are planning to automate just a few account 1-5 ( and you should really start with that or it’s gonna and bad very soon) you can use almost any software out there, even in cloud.


What about JARVEE?:smirk:

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