What IG scraper do you use?

Do you guys use a scraper? And if yes, which one do you use?

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I couldn’t imagine working without scrapers at the moment :smiley: so yes, I’m using them. These are accounts that I created on my own.

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Do you mean Scrape tool or scraper account?

I use Jarvee Scrape tools.

i used this scrapers “Turbomarketer” can check on youtube

i scrape alot of usernames and after i filter (all account without posts and bad quality i used the tool that filter)
i scrape from credit hashtags and from comments , likes , followers / following for same niche exactly that i needed.

now i only need to find good place to do mentions.
if people have good panel for buy mentions it will be perfect for me.

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I am using Jarvee for scraping and it’s doing the job for me. Cheers

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What are these mentions we are talking about here? You mean automating a process of tagging someone in our caption?
If yes, where do I learn more about that?
And is there an allowed API for it? Or it illegal in terms of Instagram TOS?

what do you need to make account, just proxy and emails? or phone too?

When you manually create them from your phone, you can choose to create account with phone or with email.

Using Jarvee and works pretty well for me

if your IPs/proxies are not good, you will get asked to do phone verification right away. That happened to me when I created accounts.

u can use jarvee or phantombuster

Jarvee because it makes it easier to automate my current process

Can someone please shine a light for why are you mass scraping IG accounts?

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there is a lot of reasons for that and one of them is to avoid scrapping using the main account (the account that you want to grow) that is why you scrape accounts using slaves then use the main account to follow them and this process reduce the number of API calls and help the main account avoid blocks.