( what improves your ig trust score ? ) everyone contribute plz

Hey Guys im making this thread for everyone so please contribute your secret recipe to improve the IG trust score to keep accs alive longer, i’ve stated a few obvious pointers below to start the ball rolling
feel free to add whatever you know

  1. using 4g proxies
  2. creating content that focuses toward 1 person can keep the trust up
  3. doing human behavior like making your account rest for a day or two
  4. using aged IG accounts
  5. not duplicating content / pictures

please add your own tips below so we can all learn, improve and grow together thanks

There are TONS of threads on this. Try searching and you’ll get what you want

I will be the first to blow your balloon, Trust Score is just a myth. Confirmed by IG sources.
The IG system works with a flag system and use ML to identify specific behaviors that they consider Spam or against their TOS or Community Guidelines, plus a plethora of different security systems.

Even the celebrities of proxies, yes the 4G, are being detected and flagging accounts.