What Instagram growth methods are used nowadays?

I remember the days of story question / poll replies, it was nice to know that there was safe ways to grow your account.

Unfortunately now I can’t seem to find any good methods to grow a stat account. My theme / stat page is whitehat niche (travel).

If anyone has a confidential method, dm me and I’m more than happy to create tools to help us automate said action.

Please let me know!



Every old method is challenging these days, but I still think F/UF is the tried and true method that doesn’t fail, but it’s certainly not a “good” way to grow. At least it works for the most part… curious to see what others might be experimenting with. Edit: Also meant to add, it’s the cheapest. Mother/child works too, but it’s not cheap.

Also waiting for the “post good content” crew to check in and say content is the only way to grow :stuck_out_tongue: and you can’t automate good content.


A software to automate Instagram Apps inside Mobiles would be great.I think there exists apps like Tasker,Automate but I am not sure whether they can automate apps inside the mobile efficiently.

There are even Macro Recorders for Mobiles but they are useless.

A solution to automate Instagram App efficiently in Mobiles without Appium would be great and without any dependency,in short just a new app to control apps inside the mobile especially only Instagram if possible.

I think this would be a great solution for people who have bulk mobiles for managing accounts.

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Same as 5 years ago. F/UF till 10-20k with engaging audiences, hopefully you manage to target engaging followers that can help you grow furthermore.

Content growth. At this point you should’ve established a “niche”/“theme” for your account and post what your followers like. Hashtags are optional but they help you to reach explore.

Explore>hashtags when it comes to growth. Hashtags can get more reach but more followers come from explore. Better %.

F/UF on big accounts will make them blead followers. If that’s the case, stop all actions and let account rest.
Over xx, xxx followers try to keep your profile block free.

Every account is different but my “ex” F/UF accounts are growing 10%-15% per month with just content at 40-60k followers tho they are in a evergreen niche.

F/UF until you get enough engagement so you get to explore or hashtags.

Check what bigger profiles in your niche are doing, they usually already have a decent working strategy.

For travel-videos work, explore works
For interior-explore and hashtags work for image
For weed- memes

Every account requires a different approach, keep that in mind :slightly_smiling_face:


Mother/Child can’t beat it to be honest… yeah alright you get verifications but at least main account is never at risk

Mother/Slave, but honestly I’m looking at other platforms too because you never know what is going to happen with Instagram…


@Brisk0 which apps or programs to automate the F/UF ?

@xstaC @BigJ do you guys pay for the mother/child method or you do it yourself? im interested in having a set up

main/slave method, great proxies, safe settings, night mode, no phone access, nothing in common between the accounts, always switching between API and EB, contextual actions, those are the things that you should do for a good/safe growth

how do you switch between api and eb?

You can check these 2 articles:


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The methods really have not changed – shouts still work, mega’s still work, clickbait still works and believe it or not – content. – short term hacks such as story viewing, comment spamming have passed and they have been patched already. M/S is still the best way for me and others.

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I’m setting up MS for my mains right now, would you rather use 100 childs for 10 mains or divide them between 30 mains (1:10 but less mains or 30 mains but less forwarding) ?

I would rather use 100 slaves on 2-5 accounts and focus solely on them first instead of spreading it on so many accounts.

you should at least be using 4-5 scrapers for each main the max is up to you and your budget but 4-5 scrapers for each main is necessary these days.

Liking 2 posts of a profile still works for me like a charm (the latest one + a random one not older than 30 days).

Especially if your followings count is low (mine is at 300), people will think you genuinly liked their posts.

My strategies seem to be very different from the people who have posted above, my main two I am focusing on and getting very promising results with for clients are story viewing and facebook advertising. Both of which are getting results anywhere from 15-500 new followers in a day ! :chart_with_upwards_trend::+1:t2:

You can refer something about instagram

Thanks for sharing your experiences @Brisk0 :pray:t2: :pray:t2:

Hahaha so there seems ‘content Vs automation’ thing goes on here