What instagram tactics work that are not follow / unfollow?

What else works?

What has come to my mind is post automation with 9 or 12 photos per day but I dont think results would be comparable to targeted follow / unfollow.

If an account has over 10,000 followers what is recommended for targeted growth? Turn off the bot and…

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grow organically hitting explore and hashtags hard / shoutouts from large pages / mother slave


Content – you really will need nothing else. Every other thing just adds fuel, its not the engine.


Jarvee repost automation is working for everyone? I am starting with that strategy but have never used the tool.

Repost will depend on the quality of your proxies. Either self-create them or buy 4G proxies.

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Likes, Comments, DMs, reposts, hashtag ranking, mother/slave, shoutout for shoutout

Pretty much every other tool that gives notification to your target can help you. But you can’t abuse like f/unf

Mother /slave method involves f/u though…

I think what the thread means is what’s tactics work in regards to client management.

Shout-outs and IG Ads mainly for client management. A lot more costly than f/u, but those are the things I can think of

That’s pretty spot on. I don’t believe you can generate a lot of engagement just by following/unfollowing a lot of folks.

Not getting a lot of engagement is what really hurts. We’re using HypeAuditor to get a brief overview of next steps to take, that are not f/u, liking other people’s content, or any of the other automated things.


If I was starting out today I would buy 10-20 10k accounts and start a network . choose a main and shout outs only. This is far cheaper and more effective than current ms ways of doing stuff.
It will be slower at first but the results will exceed goals within 2 years


10-20 accounts in the same niche?

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Yes else would fail

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And then the network could be used to sell powerlikes and shoutouts, right?
The only limitation would be the niche, or am I missing out on something?

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No. To early for that … Need them to get 100k each. It’s used to grow main

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Oh ok now I get it, thanks a lot! Definitely a great alternative.

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How many reposts a day max without IG issues?

This sounds like a great idea. Can you please explain in a little bit more detail for people like myself who may not be as familiar with this concept? I would appreciate that

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Each grow on own doing shouts for main.

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