What is a better option (daily budget of budget for the whole time)

Hey, sorry for my English, can you advice me, what is bettering on fb ads, to set a daily budget of 50$ (7days) or 350$ for the whole duration, and what is the difference in a sense of the results/leads? (Thank you)

Are you gonna work on narrow down the targeting or letting the pixel do all the targeting work? General speaking if you use the pixel it needs enough volume to learn.

Use a daily budget unless you want to only run ads certain days/times


Daily budget is better and a lot easier to manage from my experience.

Wouldn’t recommend weekly budget at all. Instead use daily, set ads to start at 12am and check at the same time evening and manually turn them off if they are below break even. Keep the ones that are making you money and scale by duplicating and increasing budget by small amounts.

and if I want to run for 3 weeks 1 month, daily budget as well or not?

The more money you “add” the better the result you will get, doesn’t mean that you need to spend it all, you can pause the campaign any time you want or when you reach your target budget, so for me I will always setup more money (total) to make FB happy and work a bit harder for me. :slight_smile:

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Daily budget is better but you need to test :slight_smile: