What is a scraper account (and other newbie questions)?

What exactly is a scraper account good for? I’m back after a long time… might as well consider me a newbie because so much has changed. Any insightful info would be greatly appreciated. I want to grow/automate a handful of accounts from scratch and not sure where to start or if i even need a scraper or proxy.

So you do not want an Account to send too many requests (Because it could look sus). Things like finding Targets and Posts are done with scrapers (motly blank accounts). And because they do a lot of requests like looking up 50.000 Post likers and Filter them by Followers etc. they get banned instead of your Main Account that actually does the actions (Follow / Unfollow / Like etc.)

As for Scraper there are a lot of people on MPSocial that are offering Scrapers starting at 15cents an Account. I think there are also Proxy Providers on the Forum but you have to check what works for you.


So basically, there are scraping API calls (needed to find results from your sources based on your filters) and executing API calls (needed to execute actions on those found results). Since IG has become very strict when it comes to scraping API calls, we are now using Scraper / Dummy accounts to take over scraping API calls and make your Main account safer


I see. Thanks for the explanation. How many scraper accounts would you use for 1 main account? Is it necessary to make a scraper account safe (i.e. put it on a proxy) or since they are throwaway accounts can you just put on a residential IP?

At least one scraper per main account, but there are people who are using even more, like 4-5 scrapers per main account (with a bit more strict API limits and Delays options).

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I would recommend 3 scrapers per account and yes you can make them safe so that you can use them for a longer period of time.

you should not use scrapers on your residential IP, try to get proxies for your scrapers.

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Yeah, I agree, 3 should be enough.