What is an affiliate product? What's the difference between Publisher and Advertiser? How do I get started? (for newbs)

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Read this thread if you’re planning on learning about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing essentially means that you want to sell a product on behalf of another company and you receive a payout for it. There’s plenty of ways to advertise an affiliate product.

First, what’s the difference between Publisher and Advertiser?


Means you are advertising the product on behalf of another company. As a publisher, you can either own a website that receives organic traffic or be a media buyer.


Means you offer a product to publishers to advertise. The advertiser takes care of the sales page/website, the payment processor and essentially everything in the backend related to the product. This includes shipping the product out and absorbing any backend costs. The goal as an advertiser is to help the publisher be successful in their marketing. So you do your best to provide any tools they need to succeed. Often times, the advertiser provides a backend tracking interface to their publishers.

How do you get started? (if you want to sell products as a publisher)

Google search “affiliate networks” and sign up as a publisher to all of them. The account managers are all on Skype so you can hit them up if you have questions. Typically account managers don’t like to deal with newbs so be strategic when you message them.

When you’re signed up to a network, you’ll get to see all the products they’re currently offering and their payouts. If you’re confident in your media buying skills, publishers make a lot more money than advertisers usually.

A couple terms to understand when setting up your campaigns:

Postback URL: a postback URL is something that you will send to your network so that they can place it in your order confirmation page. This is the most important thing to set up so that you receive your payouts.

Macros/Unique IDs: these are placeholder IDs that allow you to pass information back to the network you’re working with. For example, some macros could be: device, country, clicks, etc. Not the most important thing but some advertisers might ask you to “pass back macros”.

Keep in mind that if you’re plan on selling affiliate products, you need to invest in a tracker. You need a tracking tool called “Voluum”. Voluum is the best in the market. I believe they offer more affordable pricing right now compared to a couple years ago.

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