What is AWS? What are benefits of AWS?


Hi, Please tell me about this new service call “AWS” and how can we used as a business purpose. Why Is It so Successful in Cloud Marketing?


Because it’s convenient and easy to scale with little to no downtime which a lot people like.

There’s other ways of cheaper alternative than using AWS tbh, it’s quite costly and for smaller-medium company to scale it’ll be VERY expensive cost.


Free trial, great customer service, affordable prices, Amazon reputation of costumer focus and bringing value to the consumer at any cost.
But it’s so successful because amazon is so massive that it took the mainstream market.

But there are cheaper option out there that can be just as good as AWS and if you have the choice I would advice not to feed the monster(Amazon) because it will bite us in the ass once it take complete control over the market like it does with everything else.

And Cloud is the future


Because it is noobproof. If you want something more complex you would make your own backend