What is Best Place to buy and sell social media properties


As the title says, beside mpsocial, do you know any other place where you can buy and sell social media properties safely and that is trusted?

I’m not looking for small accounts…

Im talking about medium/big Facebook Fanpages, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Like 100k likes and above.

What do you recommend, that you know or used them yourself…



Would love to know answers myself. :sweat_smile:
What I’ve heard, best places for selling ig acc are

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Omg, price in those websites are crazy.
I’m actually curious to know if people are up to buy at those prices

Well 1000 followers should be sold for 8-10$ but it also depends on the niche

Some people do. It depends on the niche and the buyer. Also, I once read that the prices were sometimes high because it allowed for negotiation…

You might want to check out


I am a member there already :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion, it’s a very great site and I did several successfully transaction there.

A very safe place, with great admins and support staff, but time to time, sellers put very high prices on their properties.

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Right, glad to hear that. Yeah they would love to leverage on the platform anyways.

I would value an accout more on story views, video views and engagement rate.
Also I could see some accounts with 4k followers, normal engagement rate with mad prices like 100/200$

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Yes ! I think story views is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing to look !

A real health indicator of the account.

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