What is biggest reason behind PV/Captcha/TL? My two cents

  1. Proxies. The number one reason for captchas/PVs is proxies. Even if you are using a virgin IPV4 proxy, you are bound to get some kind of verification very soon. Its the same when you use mobile proxies, when the seller sells hundreds of proxies, all connected to the same operator and the same tower. IPV6 - I wont even talk about them. Residential - As long as they are real wifi connections from home, they should work fine

a. Ask the vendor about their mobile proxies. Make sure that the subnets are not crowded or flagged. Most of the vendors might tell you what you want to hear, but atleast asking them and getting their perspective is the least that we can do.
b. Make your own proxies. You don’t need any coding knowledge. All you need is a bunch of old phones and nothing else. Use apps like proxified which will instantly turn your phone into a proxy server. If you requirement is huge, then offering 10$ a month to someone in a developing country, just for having their phone connected to the internet and the app running all the time is a very good proposition for the student class in these countries. Use a few instagram pages to do a story to source the mobile connections and you will get the proxies that you can ever imagine. From various places, all pristine IPs!
c. Everytime you take a cab, especially if you are in a developing country, offer the same to the cab driver. You could probably offer him a little extra! The car is always on the move, its always connected to the internet. So you get rotating mobile proxies, naturally. All you need to do, is ask and propose!

  1. Account and session trust score. Most of us already know about this. New accounts - low trust score. Accounts made with emails - low trust score. Accounts made with bad proxies - low trust score.

Solution: When you load your accounts on to the bot, whether its Jarvee or any other, for the first few days, do actions that we would do on a daily basis. Automate like tool to only like from feed and explore pages. Not more than 30likes. Use the ranking tool to do most of the likes from the feed. Follow a few suggested users. This will make the account look legitimate and should make the accounts be blocks free later

  1. Intervals between actions. We have been used to doing actions at randomised intervals. In many cases, we leave a gap of 15-100 secs between each action as well. But in a real world scenario, how often to we like two posts within a second or two? Very frequently correct? Apply the same here. We have had huge success when we reduced the number of sessions but did a lot of actions with minimal gaps in between in each session.

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:


Yeah. I’m quite lucky and havn’t received any captcha/verifications etc on my slaves in over 6 months. Even my new accounts have no issues.

Biggest tip I can say is don’t let your accounts link in anyway. This especially applies if you try create your own accounts. They will all disappear in one swoop. Anything that leaves similar footprints will cause issues even a few weeks after creation.

Another thing I suggest is to think like a human and set up every account differently. Big delays, big intervals, different night modes. Make every account so random from each other.

Then as you mentioned with proxies. I found that testing them works best. However ive used a few different 4g providers from the maketplace and had no issues. They work just as good as my personal 4g proxy. I think the account quality, warmup and actions is a bigger factor.

Just my addition to the value you shared! Thanks


This is so true. Creation of accounts is an art in itself. Another thread for that may be :slight_smile: Do share some tips about your creation part, ofcourse without letting it impact your daily activity in anyway. I use our own bot, the accounts created are as good as any

Most of the vendors here are super good. But when people go shopping on other forums, that might not be the case. On BHW or russian forums, there are mobile proxies which cost less than 10$. But they are crowded.

I had a bot but its really only good for scrapers. I get so many blocks and annoying issues when using bots for slaves.

I and many others use handmade ones. Lots more effort but last forever if done properly. Tried all the public bots and even paid a few developers to make me some and couldn’t find one that made accounts like my handmade ones. I feel as though instagram knows when automation is being used.

Yeah. Wouldn’t go for cheap proxies like $10us but most in the range of $20-40 are great. Anything above $60 should be used for scraping or account creation as you cannot run a full 150+ account setup with expensive proxies. It needs to be scalable.

@Margart_Chappell @heroeslair
are you running scraper acc using 4g private proxy? how many acc /4g?
and are you made your scraper acc by your self or did you buy from publicmarket?

I make my own scrapers. When we create them ourselves, each scraper costs about 3-4 cents and a very good one at that. So, using an IPV4 proxy for scraping works for me even the scrapers burn out after a day or two.

I actually use residential proxies for scrapers and its a mix of homemade and bought. Still testing bought ones so don’t know which are good.

Im still testing things out but most of my scrapers are still alive after a week. Lost about 10 out of 150.

you mean your scraper burn out after day / two. all scraper? and you replace them every 1/2 days?
any idea how to make own scrapers? using simcard and email? with jarvee option create acc? thanks

What’re your thoughts on fingerprints, it seems to make a difference when running browser automation - I can unlock and create good quality accounts with good fingerprints?

this one I guess it the right call for uses that have an issue with proxies and verifications, I have been using JV for a long time now I have found the sweet spot for proxies, settings, and verification issue, I’m using good quality proxies and good settings I get very few verifications per month mostly scrapers, mains are working fine.


you can also try another thing for your scraper issue, you can get a 4g proxy and create a scrape on your own then grow that scraper just like a normal account using a few actions, follow, likes, comments, stories, and posting for a few weeks until the account starts getting 8-10 followers a day then you can switch that to a full scraper and see how it will do, I did that for a few accounts and the results are great.

create acc using app cellphone or? not footprint?

you can use JV IG create accounts tool for that

I use ipv6 manage 500 ig accounts

What actions your are doing on that accounts?

how many accounts per proxy do you have?

ipv4 also can manage 500 ig accounts

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How many days will the accounts last?

If you use EB you tend not to get verifications

If you use API it is virtually impossible to do 200 follow/unfollow a day without getting Captcha every couple of days. As long as you have quality phone numbers you are good.

even with the EB I wouldn’t recommend going over 120 a day, if you are aiming for a long period of automation better to be safe and use low settings for a long time then you sprint and start getting a lot of issues.