What is everyone up to?

Hello everyone

This forum seems a little quite, is everyone having success with Jv or have they moved onto better things?

Would love to see how everyone is coping in 2020 so far.

Thanks in advance!

Still doing automation… All is well.


All’s well here. Not much beyond facing a few of the latest hiccups, but automation is still a go. Currently in expansion mode.

Seems the rapid spread of powerful information was a contributor to the IG automation crackdown. It’s still in effect through many measures based upon many “loopholes” automaters exploited (some for genuine exposure, some spam), but people smartened up & cooled on the info spreading.

Also, beyond what’s out there, there’s not much to discuss. If there were, we’d be mindful in how we share it. As it seems we are in a resolution stage of this crackdown (passed the peak), the damage is slowly clearing & many who were not cut out for this game left. It so happens the most chatty were a significant portion of this population who left.

Doers do & share when necessary. So less posts with higher quality/value.

2020 treating me right. Seems a whole year passed since this year started to now though lol. We make do. Automation is going well.

Cheers to all who are here & can relate or on their way to that position!


Taking a holiday this month cause of Corona Virus put my stores and a lot of stuff on pause

Do you dropship from china ?

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If you are you must be doing very few actions? I got hard blocked multiple times trying to do under 200 actions manually on different accounts

100 F and 100 like and 5 post daily is 2020 ok.

action block is so many these days.

Gave up on automation, even if it still works.
It’s not really scaleable, it’s much much better to invest in ads and focus on content if your goal is to create something bigger and more sustainable for the years to come.
If you make 10k :corn: on automation you may think it’s sick and all, but when you focus your efforts on real marketing you can make 100000k :corn: even if you had to share 50% net income of what you would have made with automation. The problem is, you wouldn’t.