What is safest way nowdays to put link in bio

Hi there,
I have no idea how to convert visitors, what is the savest way to setup link in bio?

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Setup links in bio was never an issue, it really depends about what your account will do afterwards

now that’s deep

I don’t think it should be an issue, especially if you’re promoting some legit business or stuff and if you’re using old and warmed-up accounts.

I want to promote CPA offers

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You can also try to send a dm to new followers with the link.

Use different landing pages, don’t put the link that contains the CPA link directly in your BIO, or use a “cloaker”.

If it’s legit, I don’t see the reason why would you have any issues with it.

can the same bitly link be used in multiple slave accounts? for some time I removed them and had less blocks