What is scraper accounts

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I know this may sound dumb but i am so new to MP. I recently had been action blocked for likes and follows, i think it could have been because i was using telegram at the same time my likes was executing so my account could have possibly been on action overload, anyhow i have been advised to start using scraper accounts… (BAFFLED) i have no idea what scraper is and how it works and what difference it makes or anything.

Please dont shoot me guys im such a newbie here and still trying to figure out the best settings to use to grow my account nice and easy.

I will say in advance that i appreciate all the help i get on here .

Hope to hear from someone soon.

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When you are searching for users on Instagram that counts as an action. Try opening up 100 profiles in 5 minutes - you will get action blocked.

The scraper account does all the searching for you and sends it as a source to your account. This limits the amount of actions your account does so you can follow, like, etc a little more.

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Okkkkk THANK YOU SO MUCH for explaining that BigJ it makes total sense. Thank you so much for that i appreciate it!!!

Could you please explain what a slave account is??

Thank you so kindly

Just need to search a bit in the forum easy topic to find :wink:

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Some people call a scraper account a slave account. I suggest you read this article https://jarvee.com/self-help/how-to-use-the-slave-main-account-method-for-like-comment-tools/
Others refer to child accounts when they say slave accounts, they’re basically used to promote their Mother account.

Thank you for your help :blush: appreciate it :raised_hands:t4:

Trust me I’ve searched but I havent seen an article actually explaining what it is, except for today. Very new to the software and forum. Thanks for all your help guys