What is the best affiliate program?


YO guys)
Im looking for some affiliate programs where i can start to promote goods on my instagram accounts. For now i found 3 programs:

  1. Click bank. There are a lot of offers, but its landing pages looks like from 90th )
    If i would be a buyer - i would never buy anything at that web sites.
    Maybe i have to spend more time for researching

  2. CJ - at this moment for me its very mysterious place)
    There also a lot of great offers and it looks pretty good but i still have no experience with affiliate and i can judge how good are CJ

  3. Amazon - i just know that amazon has its affiliate program and thats all my knowledge according to that)

Well, of course concept “best affiliate program” is very relative and i guess its a bit hard to say which one is better, but if someone of you guys can advise some affiliate it would be great.

Also i guess i should to say what im going to promote :i would like to start from ebooks related to “making money online” and “how to get financial freedom”

So, thats all. Thanks for reading) And thanks in advance for your tips :sunglasses:


You’re marketeer, you’re not a buyer :slight_smile: Everyhing looks like this when you look it through marketeers eyes. I feel absolutely same when checking out LP, but those people did a lot of testing so give them a try.

CJ is usually alternative for those who can’t get to Clickbank, there are some countries that Clickbank do not accept (like mine :smiley: ).

For Amazon Affilaite program - well, I don’t like their low commission so… I would avoid them. You really need a lot of traffic to get some serious $$$ from them.

What niches are you in? There are affiliate programs for specific niches, with better payouts.


I guess its doesn’t matter - cause, for example if you pick dogs niche - you can create new account upload some dogs photos and start promoting some dogs stuff (In fact it will be a little more complicated)

Im still jumping from one place to the others and recently i have got approve on max bounty.
As far as i know you have good experience with max bounty - so can you suggest some offers ?
My manager advised me to check life script offers - I’m going to try, but maybe there some better kind of offers ?

Thanks :sunglasses:


I have 0 experience with MaxBounty :slight_smile: Applied for an account once 5-6 years ago, they declined my application and I never tried again since I started using AdworkMedia.

Anyway, I believe MaxBounty has a lot more offers than AWM. Peerfly too.

What I don’t like is they’re both more strict than AWM…