What is the best Jarvee scraper strategy?

Hey guys so there is a lot of different opinions out there about how to run IG scrapers. I’m wondering what is working for you? What strategy are you using that takes minimal time investment and keeps your scrapers functioning the longest?


@Scoob there are a lot of factors to consider but you need to work on these things more: quality of scrapers from the supplier/s, proxies, ratio of main accounts to scraper accounts.

What’s working for most users nowadays is using tagnamed scrapers. You can refer to Instagram - How To Set Scrapers Using Tagname Accounts - Jarvee for a guide.

As for the longetivity of the scrapers, yes, it would depend on the proxies and if the scrapers have been warmed up too to look as human as possible. There were clients who just created new accounts and the scrapers ended up dying since it’s obviously just doing scrapings, as in there are no activities on the account at all, not even a profile photo. So set those up first–profile photo, bio, then have some followings, likes, comments on the feed posts. You can also publish a post to those scrapers 1 - 2x a week.