What is the best method for this?

i want to promote some whitehat cpa product , and even in future do a dropshipping store i know if there is a need to keep users and retarget them and have free promo i need to grow an account for that , but here is the deal if i pay shoutout (swipeup link,or bio) with good CTA…

and when people click they have a popup of email subscribtion then i will have same thing that make advantage getting your own account .

but more importantly i wanna know if doing a shoutout well designed good promo… is enough since the people will buy the product depending on advice of the shoutout account as he will have an audience that love what he shares , or there will be a need of buying fake pannels since its not a brand that i wanna sell or something but just prodcuts and post some stuff for socialproof…

for me i see buying fake pannels+shoutout method is just useless since traffic can stop being interested since its lot of steps, rather than simply swipeup shoutout and then taking emaillist

for people that have done shoutout targeting what is best to sell simply shoutout or shoutout that direct to a account with fake pannel ?

Ask for the audience and reach of the account.
Negotiate the price
ask the account to make a caption that sound naturel not like a shoutout.
Ask for the stats of the post after 1 week.
Repeat these steps with many différents accounts.

When you have the result for each shootout , look at the data and who is worth the money and then you will make shoutout with the best ROI.

Let me know if it helps