What is the best method to grow a facebook fan page in 2019


I creat a new page in home decorations niche what is the best way to grow my page fast?

Try sharing it on facebook groups


i think you can’t it wont let you do it at all if my memory serve me , well pages ots something of the past , if you wanna grow fast you should use yout credit card , groups can be good for organic growth esoecialy if you do live often but pages its just hard

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If you just want page likes for social proof, run a page like campaign to some of the cheaper cost countries, you can get page likes for only .01 .02 cents

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Easiest way is to run a Like Campaign with FB ads with big ass audience size to keep things cheap (ideal for social proof)

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what is the social proof

what is the social proof ??

people which interact with you so someone else sees that they are already engaged with you and start also engaging with you, in short, other people which can state that you aren´t a scammer


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Why do you want to grow your fb page, i think that is useless in 2019 because even if you invest time, money to grow it organic reach is so low. Just pay for ads if you need to promote something on fb.

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I’m also interested.
Can i PM you?

boys u forget that u gonna get insights with the group and you can test your ads way cheaper with that method, like u gonna get PPE Campaigns with 0,001 Cents per like, convert those people in likers for your page and if your copy is on point they gonna click the link

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can u send me more information about this method ?

ok i will contect u