What is the best platform to build an eCommerce website of an online store?


Hello. I’m a student and want to start my own online store after completing my graduation. But I’ve no idea which eCommerce platform is the best to start with, even what steps I will have to take before creating my online store.
Thank you…


What kind of products you will sale?
I think Shopify is a stable idea to start with!


Yep. I also recommend shopify for the start. They are very complete, with reporting, gift cards, real time carrier shipping (not for all plans), payments and many more… easy peasy; But, I if you find one problem with shopify (just like some of my friends), you can try wordpress + high quality ecommerce theme + paypal… but, for sure, It will require from you some skills, time, and money (for theme, hosting and etc)


you can suggest how should I get started?