What is The Best Strategy For @mentions with Twitter

I saw the video on the @mention tool and was curious if anyone has had great success with that on Twitter. If so, do you mind sharing the strategy you used to deliver the best results?

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Good question. I’m curious about this too, because I tried this and it seemed blatantly & publicly spammy to me. I tried to set it at 3 mentions a day spinning a phrase like “great feed so&so”. I stopped after 3 days because I’m running some semi-professional looking twitter accounts and they looked dumb with all the public mentions on them.

Would love to hear some different ideas about how this could be used.

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Yeah…that’s what I was thinking

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Haven’t use it in around 5 months due to lack of time, but I used that method for a long time with quite decent results. The way I did it:

  • add 10 twitter accounts and set all tools with very low settings so they appear normal.
  • scrape niche followers of what i was doing
  • create a campaign that sent 500 mentions per day with all 10 accounts, that means around 50 mentions with each account.
  • create a secondary campaign to post 30-40 normal tweets for each of the 10 accounts to “hide” the mention activity

500 mentions per day isn’t much, but when you do this X 10 times it’s enough, I didn’t want to get all accounts in trouble. Got decent traffic back and interested people inquiring about what I messaged, so this worked nicely, don’t know how it would work today since twitter changed a lot of stuff during the last few months.


thanks Johnny