What is the best strategy to follow for IG grow?

I Have three accounts on 3 different niches and i want to make income from each one of them, but first i need to grow all of them.
What are the best tools ? and the best strategies to grow them specially for CPA and affiliate ?
What is the minimum average to start working as an influencer ?
Thank you

Don’t be afraid of the search button :slight_smile:

All of this is on the forum already.

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Most people grow their IG accounts using follow/unfollow method, where they follow the followers of big accounts in the same niche to get their attention to their own accounts.

Another way is to use related Hashtags to grow your account and as your account grows you will start ranking high for those hashtags and thus getting more followers.

You should also focus on the quality of the content you post in your accounts as no one will like a poor quality content account.

I’m not sure exactly, but probably from 50k followers.


Thank you, do you have any idea about the Max amount to Follow/Unfollow per day ?

When i got new account, i just set follow max 300 a day, and after 2 days i set follow max 300 and unfollow to max 300 a day…

I would refrain from making such blanket statements with no background on the account.

What’s new?
Have you warmed it up?
If yes, for how long and with that follows?
How often do you follow, 300 at once or spread through the day?
Do you take pauses?

I can keep going but you get the point. It is dangerous for anyone who is just getting into this to read your statement and take it as is.

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I warmed it like 10-20 days, and i set to follow just 10 hours a day. yeah i think a statment without detail will bring something dangerous to others, thank you for your advice…

This is the different between growing your account successfully and getting banned.