What is the best TikTok Bot?!

We All know that Javree was the best tiktok bot but now the bot stop working so i want to know if someone using other bot for follow and auto post .

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Autotokker the only functional one atm. Hopefully Jarvee back soon

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There are other functional and way better than that as well. That’s only because they aren’t that public


Like what? if you want to share

but they are so expensive

Whats the problem with Jarvee?

Yeah, I think Jarvee’s developers are still working on TikTok. Once it’s ready I think it will probably be the best way to go. I am still waiting for them.

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there are several out there that are working …

just to say, i do have the feeling that you are the owner - or at least affiliated to autotokker …

Tiktok features stop working

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They said it might take months

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Like what? can you share the names?

I’ve been waiting for Jarvee to fix TikTok. I hope it will happen sooner.

yeah me too, I think it will take a little bit more but I’m sure they are working on it because users really want Tiktok on Jarvee