What is the best VPS to buy with a $50 budget?

Hi everyone. I am paying for a $30 USD/month VPS with contabo and here is the VPS speed:


Is this speed normal? For $50, can I get a VPS provider who can provide way faster speeds? If so, do you have any recommendations or suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Im using this one at Serverhosh

Performance SSD - Pack 1

XEON E3/E5V2 CPU | 3.4Ghz Min| 4 Cores | 6 GB DDR3 ECC | 50GB SSD | 1Gbps Port | Unmetered Bandwidth | Windows/Linux | NL/DE - $29.99/month

They have a coupon for half price on the site. Just ran a speedtest and it was 3 ping 523 down 365 up whilst MP is running

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Yes, I was just looking at serverhosh! I was thinking of getting a 10Gbps VPS from there. I am just confused by the different types of VPS (such as 10Gbps VPS, Mass Ram VPS, etc). Do you know which one is faster? And what the main differences are?

Here’s the one I was looking at for $39.99/mo


$39.99per month

  • Xeon E3
  • Min 3.3GHz
  • 8 Cores
  • 18GB RAM
  • 4GB Swap
  • 200GB RAID 1
  • Windows/Linux
  • 10Gbps Port
  • 25TB Upload
  • Unlimited Download
  • DDoS Protected
  • Backup Included
  • Instant Delivery
  • Managed
  • Netherlands

Located in Europe and with Windows license looks very good.
The specs are excellent too.

What’s the main function that you are planning to use the VPS for?

Personally I use Hyonix and am very impressed with their performance and especially service. The support is great and they handled my issues with amazing speed and supportiveness.

I use g - - - - cloud and overall been happy PM me for more details.

I use hyonix too and the experience has been unmatched. I previously had issues with greencloud.

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I have been using hyonix. and its best