What is the best way to increase engagement?

Hi guys,

I’m trying to get more engagement for my client who wants more likes and story views from her followers. What are some methods you guy are using to make this happen?


First of all, you must have good content,
secondly, you must engage in the content of your followers. Like / comment photos, watch the story, thanks to that they will not forget about your existence :slight_smile:


Content. Get better content they will get more of what they want. Work on methods to get that better ( more ‘likable stuff’.)

Engagement takes time to build to levels above the average, do not expect miracles overnight ( educate them them on this fact).

Pick the top 10 - 20 top pages for your accounts, DM them to like and comment on posts and return the favor. Post after post.

Unlike others, I do not believe in engagement with followers unless they are valuable – remember the 80/20 rule. – to many and you waste your time.