What is the best way to measure engagement on IG?

I want to use the most engaged and relevant accounts as follow sources.

What is the most accurate way to measure engagement? Any help would be much appreciated/


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I just made a website for this!


Looks great! What do you think is the best metric for measuring engagement?

Would you say this one is ‘% of Comments’?

I mostly focus on % of likes when looking for accounts with good engagement because a lot of times people will spam multiple comments and that isn’t really a good indication of engagement.

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Yes but don’t you think its much more likely for people to have fake likes than spammy comments?

Countint comments only from unique users is a must

You think % of comments is the most important metric for engagement?

I actually think video views is the most important metric. You can fake likes and comments, but views is tough to fake. You will see some influencers with 100’s of comments and their likes are more than their views. That’s a major red flag. Means they are in like pods and their post is being loaded up in a web browser that does not automatically start the video unless clicked.

Also, video views is good for judging follower quality AND how engaged that account’s audience is. If they have 20K followers and are only getting 500 views, means he has a lot of fake followers or they really don’t care about his content. Both are important to stay away from.


This is a good point, only works if the user uploads videos though.

I also like that point - only issue is that these followers of accounts with videos may not be so interested in my client’s image posts they maybe wanting videos?

Maybe I am thinking too much…

That would be another red flag IMO. With how much IG is going to video, if they have none, appears they are hiding something.

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I really didn’t think that was a thing. Interesting since I have some accounts that upload strictly pictures.

Well I am an advertiser that pays for shoutouts and I would never do a shoutout with an account that doesn’t have a video post.

Yes but my clients don’t use videos - so if I am engaging with followers of accounts that are used to engaging with videos then they may not like engaging with my clients photo posts (hope I am making sense).

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