What is the best way to monetize 150 small IG accounts running on JARVEE?


Hello everyone!

well i am thinking to start monetizing these 150 IG small accounts i have running on JARVEE and i am thinking to build a general dropshipping store and start using the contact tool to send them a coupon code with 10 or 20% off for thier first purchase and i am ganna send like 50 dms for each account .

so guys please let me know your opinion about this and what would you do if you are in my position ?


Depends on what niche are your 150 accounts in. I would try to make a store that is related to your 150 accounts niche in some way rather then just a general drop shipping store.


they are in different niches that’s why i said a general store


Well then go for it and let us know how it goes :wink:

Also the coupon idea is a good one. Don’t forget to also collect their emails.


i will try and see how it goes


You have 150 accounts, but you haven’t told us the niche.


those are the niches :



You need one of the CPA gurus here. Since the niches are so varied, it sounds like a T shirt drop shipping store would be the best bet.


May I ask why you picked so many different niches? Imo 1-2 niches would be better for monetization wouldn’t it? :thinking:


I also don’t know why I picked so many niches xd but I will give this a try if it didn’t work I will grow them and sell them then do like 1-2 good niches for the next time


Sounds good! Do so, growing and selling can be pretty profitable aswell :wink:


grow them until 10 or 20k and sell them. keep on adding new ones to have a steady income after 2 months.


Thanks for the tip :ok_hand:


Here’s what I would do if I was after short term money (possibly long term if you automate all the process) : convert them all to adult niche and see the money flow in.

Long term the growing to 10 k and more then selling works well.


@Biko is a muslim like me , we cant make money with unethical ways .
i would suggest making a pod ( print on demand ) store like @wortime suggested before , use the dm tool to get close to customers and sell them personally ,
i can help you with designing your store with shopify for free .


Would you kindly explain how one would make money in this niche?
I am very much like @Biko here - with varied niches.

But I have read multiples times on this forum about the money making possibilities of adult niche.


@Biko How is your journey going on? Did you earned something?