What is the daily DM limit on facebook?

Hii guys I have been dabbling with Facebook DM’S and able to do around 20 on profiles and more on some. I would like to know more from you guys about what kind of limits are you getting nowadays. Since Facebook has changed a lot and lots of new blocks and stuff have come out.

15-20 for me is a good number i tried to go up to 30 had some issues after that so i guess 20 should be good.

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okay thanks bro
did you get blocks after 30?

I agree with Luca, 15-20 is a good start but you gotta be careful if you’re using new accounts. They usually need to have very very low limits for a longer period of time before you can start increasing them.

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yeah i am stayin in that range only

yes, blocks and verifications after reaching 34-36 that why i always keep them under 20 per day much safer and constant.

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Yeah, that’s a good and steady workflow. Better to have actions lower and running continuously than to increase them, make accounts work for a couple of days, and then be prevented from performing for days or even get issues with verifications.

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are these to profiles who are not your friends?

most of them are not and yes the limits are a little bit when dming your friends but even with that start slow to avoid blocks