What is the difference between linktree and my own domain? (adults IG)

I was wondering, lets say you are doing adults on IG, why would you choose link-tree domain? why would you choose your own domain?
So far I used only my own domains as prelanders (got 100s of them), some of them eventually get banned.
Will link-tree not get banned?
Any other solution for that?
Who can in-light me with some knowledge?

I think Linktree might ban your account if you use adults links for a long time, because if they don’t do it, instagram will ban their service(their main domain) for spam/cloaking reason.

Though I’ve not used their service, but as far I know you will be just fine with them right now, because only few user currently using their service, so instagram see 90% of their links are good, but if the negative links ratio increase in future then it’s bad sign for their service, and for that they might ban users who use their service against their terms and condition.

It’s better to find some good cloaking service(I don’t have any recommendation right now :wink: ).

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do you know any similar companies not well known like link-tree?

You’ve to find yourself, there are too many services, one is rebrandly which I found via looking on other accounts. You can find anything if you look what others are doing :wink:

But one thing is that, instagram will even ban those links, if you change the destination link after you created it, because instagram crawl those links again whenever someone report your link. so better use some JS code which redirect users after some time, but again instagram can detect that as well.

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