What is the difference with simcards vs. smspva/getsmscode/other online sms services?

do you get less bans when using simcards?

To be honest I never trusted those services to give them a try, I always use real simcards and I see that everyone is recommending the same.

So probably those services cause a high rate of bans.

Those services will re-use the numbers, because they have limited numbers and it’s not feasible for anyone to use it once and throw it away, not at those prices. So they reuse it, now you can get a number that has been used for twitter for example and you’re the first one using it on instagram and it’s good, or you can get a number that’s been used on instagram several times already and that might get you in trouble…

Having your own sim card, you know what they were used for and control them. Also, in case you need to re-verify which can happen often on Ig you have access to the same sim which could be a plus.

I’ve using a online service (non of them above) and never had any trouble with the PVAs.

I use real SIMs from a European country. They cost three dollars each, but I’m not planning on running hundreds or thousands of shitty spam accounts. If you’ve got the cash (and even if you don’t got the cash) I recommend using real SIMs if you’re hoping to make some accounts a long-term, reliable thing.

thanks for the answers.