What is the fastest way to get some clients?

Hello Everyone.

First day on the forum.
I’m here to seek advice from the Experts and seasoned marketers pertaining to IG.

I’m planning to do:

  1. client management
  2. selling accounts

Can you share your experiences and what is the fastest way to get some clients?
I know this area may be saturated already, but supposedly, with creative marketing and hard work…
can experienced marketers advise if it’s still profitable to make money from client management?

Looking forward and thank you.

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The quickest way to get a client is to work your personal network. Friends, Family, Colleagues. Start there. Exhaust that then get into marketing.


Thanks for the insight.
I’m new in the game.
Do you have any recommendations on good youtube videos or anyone I can be looking at?
I’m trying to find my knowledge in proxies and Jarvee.

Just search here. Buckle up, search on this forum and come back when you have read most posts.


That’s how I got started…

One friend knows another friend…

Every person can either be a client, connector or partner.


I see.
Thank you again for the insight.

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As others have said, first read on here, there’s a lot of helpful information (you can use the search bar to find guides, tutorials etc).

In terms of clients, start off with your friends and family or, you can always knock on the door of any small business around your area. However, if you’re just starting out, I would highly recommend going with friends and family to get some experience first.

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Honestly do it for super cheap/free for your friends and even try to grow your own account as social proof. Connections go way beyond and branch out and eventually you’ll have a nice portfolio to begin charging for your services

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If you already know how to get the work done and you need only the clients and as fast as possible you have two options:

1- Find a business directory (yellow pages etc…) And start cold calling the business owners 1 by 1, ask for a short meeting with them and explain everything in detail. You should target local business near your city and in the cities you can reach easily by car or public transportation.

2- Same as above but you just go and contact the business owners without cold calling them but directly in their business. For example you go to the dentists, and meet with the owner and explain your service.

The easiest and the fastest ways to get clients is by going and meeting them in person… Like this you build trust and it’s easier to close the sale.

But if you’re still learning, then you should play with some accounts of yours as a test, after you’re confident enough asks friends or relatives to start growing their accounts document everything and use their accounts as proof examples to show to the clients


thank you for the reply.

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Open an Instagram Page and start creating value for your friends and followers.
Start with free trials and test, after start charge a few and increase with experience.