What is the issue with prosper202 installation

Am not sure about this post belongs to which category. Please let me know so that I will move it accordingly.

Hoping to get some help about prosper202.
I am planning to track some CPA offers using prosper202.

Here is the screenshot

  1. I hope the installation is successful ( based on the screenshot, there were no errors in the background though ).
  2. How to set up the traffic sources , campaingns etc … I was expecting there will be links for each cateogry. But, I didnt see any liks.

the wrong section
go to prosper202 CS and start from there
do you know that there are thousands of youtube video talk about prosper ?

hmm, that is the problem. there are too many videos :frowning:

Would love to help but I’ve never used it so maybe someone else knows it. If you’re on a hurry to get it started though I’d do as @Salamouna suggested and ask on their forums :smiley:

Thanks @Johnny, I will check it out. There are too many videos that will make us to get lost

Prosper is so outdated, i used sometime Adsbridge. I was pretty cool imo, and the price was okay

If someone facing the same issue,
here is the resolution. It is the issue with prosper 1.9.3 .
It was fixed in which is paid version.