What is the *most* likes and/or story views you guys are doing per day?

I apologize. I searched for this and it is going ok for me right now, but I was just curious. Non verified account.

How much do you guys go up to per day after your account seems warmed up?

I realize there is no set # and it is different for everybody using Jarvee. Just a pure curiosity post. I do not want to try to go too high per day (If there is some set limit for that).

Can’t speak for likes, but if you’re doing no actions other than story views, you can view about 10K/day without running into any problems.

Oh wow I did not know that. I am just growing a personal account. Doing likes and story views. I go pretty slow. Just up it 5-10 a day.

So I shouldn’t be hesitant to test out higher story numbers if I turn off likes.

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