What is the new likes limit July 2019?

Hey everyone!

What is the new limit for how many likes can I do a day? also, 200/d like the following?
and what are the best settings for it? if you can upload a screenshot that would be awesome, if not all good. Just wanna know what the new limit because I’ve tried to set one client for 210 likes a day but after a few hours he got like blocked on the Jarvee.

Thank you!!

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personally I set my limit to 100 like per day and not more than 12likes per h, I may push harder when tool get optimal!!!

Its really hard to say. I have received api blocks across all of my client accounts with around 100 follows per day. You really need to go super slow with the settings as of now

It’s best to warm up your account for a week, do 30-50 observations after a week, increase to 70-90 and then again to 100-120 etc …

I’ve stopped likes for now - with the like exchange apparently being down it might be best to wait it out.

This can really vary from account to account depending on the trust score of each individual account. However, the consensus here is to warm up the account first and not go over 100 likes a day. As far as settings are concerned, just automate them to mimic human behavior. How many likes would you personally give an account and in how many intervals? Then apply those settings. I believe that is the most reasonable way to approach this.

It will depend on your account and trust score. But, if you are using 4g proxies, you can do up to 200 likes per day. In a few of my accounts I am making 600 likes per day without any issues.

But, if you want to play safe, stay under 300 likes and you shouldn’t have any problems :wink:

I did 210 and it’s blocked… unfortunately

I am following.
Any other ideas will be welcome :slight_smile:

I was up to +/-1000 like/ day. It’s all about your trust score, that’s why it’s difficult to give a standard

It still should be around 5000-6000 actions per month.

I like 15 per hour, comment 10 per hour, 20 follow per hour for 10 hours a day and still don’t have a problem since the 3th of June.

It’s not like follows, it varies a lot. Some of my clients get blocked on 80 likes, some on 350. But my settings are set on 400 for everyone. So if you don’t mind occasional blocks then you can set it high.