What is the newest trend in online businesses?

Was wondering if you guys know of any online business that is in trend in 2019?

Do you mean a niche or a business model? Dropshipping has been in trend for the last 2 years growing.

business model, thank you

Bitcoin teacher/trade analyst.

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online courses,

It also depends on which country you are in.

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United States?

Instagram Agency :metal:


FBA with Amazon
Selling products with shopify
Mobile Apps

Selling forex signals is a pretty big market right now. But my guess is most people are just reselling. I have SMM clients who I guarantee are absolutely clueless but they’re selling signal chat access lol.

I feel like these have been a thing for a while now though.

Forgive me, I do not know if I understood your statement well. What do you feel for some time? Regards <3

Social Media Marketing

Performance marketing
Also people call it “traffic”.
Google “cpa/cpl/cpi/revshare” etc. models

Making your own social media panel…

I would still say dropshipping - just check out google trends. But at this point its so saturated i wouldnt even bother unless you have a few months to spend on research/courses

I don’t know if it’s just me but it feels like everyone nowadays is a personal brand/instagram coach

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Good news is that saturation means $ so don’t use that as an excuse for not jumping right into it. Everything online was said to be saturated 4 years ago too.

Dropshipping is starts to get widely known, but its still a great opportunity! I recommend you Gabriel St Germain to watch.

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