What is the price for maintenance of the scrapers

Looking for help guys, what is the price for running 1000 scrapers? As I read the forum you need 5-7 scrapers -> 1 main to be able to get the max out of the main account daily. But that is huge expenses. Please advise on the proxies or how it’s done. Thank you.

You can run between 5 and 40 scrapers per proxy, depending how good you manage it. If you are new to the game, get 1:1 working first before you try ambitious numbers.

If you need 5-7 scrapers per main account, it sounds like really bad pre-targeting. You should pick accounts close to your niche and not random celebrities. The better your targeting is, before you apply any filters, the better your results will be also on followBackRatio and engagementGrowthPerFollow.

Regarding the costs it really depends how you value your time. If your time is worth nothing, you can do everything yourself. If its a business you are operating, buying in the services might be smarter.

Thank you, but what is the expenses, what type of proxies should I use for scrapers, to have the lowest possible cost? (For main accounts I’m using 4g at the moment, for scrapers also).

For the lowest possible cost, not valuing your time, learn how to make proxies yourself. A lot of people use Squid and 3proxy. It is a road I do not recommend tho if you don’t want to become a proxy seller.

What about 4g proxies for scrapers? Not worth it?

I don’t have much filters for scraped users. I target followers of targeted accounts.

People get away with datacenter IPs for scraping, so can you. Assuming your highest priority is still the lowest cost, which is what I do not recommend, that is the way to go.

i think there are some dc providers which are better then others, so make sure to do your search first