What is the right way to post through Jarvee?

I keep running into problems with PVAs when I autopost through Jarvee, but PVAs don’t happen when I post manually through Jarvee. Any ideas on what is going on logistically?

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Most data center proxies are blocked for posting, in order to post without issues woull need mobile proxies.

If you already use mobile, I would examine the content and Metadata of your photos, do you repost?

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this was a hurdle for me at the beginning but after changing around the md5 using hashmanager it’s gotten better. try experimenting with a couple accounts who have changed the image md5 and a couple who have not, see who gets the pva’s first :smiling_imp:

If you aren’t using 4g mobile proxies then try using them and also try scraping your post at once and changing the metadata and then posting through a campaign


I am using 4g mobile. How does changing the md5 hash make a difference between auto-posting and manually posting in Jarvee with “Publish Now” @InterNEDA

if you aren’t changing the image and just reposting the same image that will trigger ig. From what I’ve read, that’s a quick way for them to identify reposting becuase they can only have one md5 per image per server which is why the community recommends changing at least the md5 so it doesn’t appear as the same file on ig servers, its a new file therefore no flag, but i could be wrong bro, wouldn’t be the first time and i hope it isnt the last either.

Doesn’t Jarvee’s “Make images unique” function solve the md5 problem?

You never mentioned you were using it so i assumed you werent which is why i recommended hashmanager sorry i cant be of help pal good luck

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