What is this block and how long it lasts?

I got this block doing unfollow manually.Now it doesnt let me like comment or follow also when i post something the caption gets deleted by itself.

24 hours have passed since the block first happened and its not gone yet .

I only got this once, when i was trying to load all my followers in the web app. I was scrolling down, but at some point you have to click the plus sign for it to load more names. So i guess it detected i was doing too many actions way too fast.

My opinion is that it’s probably a bug. Instagram sucks.

You gotta stop all the actions for 24-48 hours and then give it another try. If you still get the same message, you’ll need to wait until the block is lifted.

You can try logging out and then login again from your Phone / Browser, this should solve this. if it doesn’t work, just rest for 24 hours, don’t do any action on Instagram and this should pass by.

Alright thx everyone i will try all of them

Yea logging out and log in again worked thx

to avoid blocks as much as possible make sure that you have safe settings and a good configuration, proxies and all that in case you are using multiple accounts.

I work manually on my phone

Then you just need to make sure not to go overboard with the number of actions you are doing.

then slowing down would be a good solution to prevent blocks also , make sure to diversify your actions, not always the same ones

What does diversify mean, sorry my English is not good. Also i dont do f/u actions on my account i grow them with shoutouts from my bigger ones.
So i guess liking and commenting with them doesnt count as an heavy action leading to a block