What is this directory about?


Just wondered what is this about.

Looks like a directory of profiles… very weird
Directly from Instagram official website:



it appears to just be a list of numbers in numerical order


sitemap for indexing (google,bing,etc.)


That’s pretty obvious. If you click on the numbers it brings you to a list of usernames.


Interesting Instagram trying to get indexed :laughing:

There’s also an index for Hashtags and locations (inside “Directory”), not sure how they choose the usernames and hashtags that appear in this index as they don’t list all of them ofc.


I’ve always been confused by this. No way is that every account (not that it needs to be) but if you go through them, not many look like real accounts. Many are spammy looking, outright spam or just trash.


Exactly what I noticed while exploring them. Very weird.



But for locations it goes very in depth.


Yup, the locations index is great, actually I scrapped some full countries locations from there (470.000 locations from UK for example).
Funny thing: a lot of this locations indexed there have 0 posts in them.

In any case you can still get a lot of great ones from it.


Some interesting accounts here between the junk…


I Just analised that acc:

*Old posts:


So is that account PVd and that’s why we can’t see posts on that account?


It is most likely being prepared for being sold. (Hiding the bad engagement)


They deleted those quickly. Makes you wonder the true nature of the directory.

Did the bio just get wiped or is it just me?