What is working well for you right now 😃?


Just thought I would make a post sharing what is working well for me right now and would like others to share so we can help each other as a community.

For me accounts made on a 4G proxy using my sim card ( and resetting network each time) work much better then aged accounts - I have tested accounts made on a private browser, emulator and a real device and the accounts that were made on the real device are a lot less likely to get PV.

Accounts almost always get EV for me even if I import with cookies - and as for phone numbers I have strayed away from using SMS services such as SMSPVA and just located the source of the cheapest SIMs in my country and then they can be used for other services aswell.

If anybody is in the UK and needs a source for free sim cards hit me up and I will be happy to help.


Interested in free SIM card(s)


Great thread gotta give my brain and eyes a break will be back :+1:


Haha sorry if my thread is not the most readable


I have started making accounts on a real mobile and this makes a big difference


Free UK sim cards? Activated? Oh boi, I’m in!


Making my accounts the same way. :slight_smile:

Make sure you contact @Adnan before you sell something in this forum. This forum has a marketplace where you can sell something If you want to. Outside of the market it is not allowed.


Gmail and Yahoo are working

I’m also getting my account to grow at around 40-50 followers per day organically so once I get that rate a bit higher than I’ll be happy