What is worse: Repeated Follow Blocks or Daily Phone Verifications?

Hi all,

As you all may have encountered when using IG, some accounts get follow blocked and others get Phone Verified (or both lol).

In the past, I have had accounts get disabled after a lot of phone verifications, but I recently started receiving blocks.

Wanted to ask the community, which is worse for the account’s longevity: Repeated Follow Blocks several times a day or Daily Phone Verifications without any follow block?

repeated PV and blocks lead to accounts getting disabled from my experience. From what I’ve read most people churn n burn the accounts once they start having repeated issues such as PV and follow/like blocks


I have around 20 accounts that have experienced the PV loop, all of them having between 15K and 50K followers, and I’ve decided to rest them until there’s a fix, if there’s a fix. I don’t plan to use them anymore for the next 6 to 12 months…

They are doomed anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. Hopefully, their trust score gets reset after a few months/years.


Yeah, I heard of the churn n burn too lol. Does resetting the device ID and cookies work or does it make it worse?

Good lock! Hopefully the trust score gets reset :smile:

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that I wouldn’t be able to answer without doing a couple hours of research lol maybe @HenryCooper or @Alexnvo can chime in?


They are both bad, try to avoid them, but I would say blocks are worse because your acc is doing a direct action that needs to inauthentic activity.

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Thanks! I am trying to avoid them, but I still get them lol. I just curious to see which ones I should try to salvage first :wink:

yea, i don’t know. please don’t tag randomly.


Try to not fully pause them! Just do only feed + related hashtags liking and storyviewing, no following, gonna help the trustscore a lot more than just doing nothing and all of a sudden starting again :wink:
Or do you get pv’s even with those actions? Or even with no actions at all? :hushed:


Very good point. I got many PV on them even when simply Liking (warm up mode) at the end so I believe they are really screwed… but I take your advice, and I’ll give it another shot in a few days / weeks with story views and maybe a few Likes.

Thanks buddy!


Good point. I actually haven’t used the like tool ever, do you recommend I do? I get the blocks only for follows, it’s fine with stories views though.

Like tool is the icing on the cake. Applied properly it does have an effect. Best indicator is on the days you unfollow.

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Hmm, I see, thank you!

Start with story views, after some time try liking feed see if that works. But tbh I personally just burn the accs that are not working… Except they are main accs obviously, but those I just don’t bot lol

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Thanks, I’ll try that!